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We provide you with individual medals for your sport events or honors. These high-quality items always take center stage.
Regardless whether figures, portraits, landscapes or building perspectives - almost every motive can be converted through our engravers into metal detail-truly.
Through new manufacturing processes and technical know-how we are able to offer good quality to top prices for a individual part up to a series production offer.


"Whether brass, copper, silver (silvered) or gold (gilded) - we have the correct thing for you and your use!"

The valency of our products is always given. The difference lies in the material, as for example copper, brass, silver (silvered) or gold (gilded).
Surface refinements and special designs guarantee for the wanted effect. Choose in the model between varnish or art enamel. In the same way the fixing kinds are variable (bands, cords, volume pendants etc.).


"Please contact us - We advise you with pleasure!"

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